Transport yourself a century forward and picture the realm of education in 2124. How do you imagine schools have transformed? What innovative features and structures define the classroom of the future? Dive deep into your personal vision, drawing inspiration from potential technological advancements, changing societal needs, and your own hopes and dreams for education. Sketch out your ideal educational environment and share your singular perspective on what schooling might look like in the world of 2124.

The Deadline for entries will be Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Categories and Descriptions

Art: “Illustrating the 2124 Classroom”

Let your artistic skills run wild as you visualize an innovative classroom set in 2124. Whether it’s a high-tech haven, a serene space harmonizing with nature, or an interstellar learning hub, craft a piece that conveys your unique vision of future education.

Poems: “Echoes of the 2124 Classroom”

Write a poem that brings to life a school day in 2124. Imagine the sounds, sights, and emotions. From future friendships to tech-powered lessons, let your words draw us into a day of learning and discovery in the world of tomorrow.

Creative Stories: “Adventures in the 2124 School Galaxy”

Craft a tale set within the vibrant and ever-evolving universe of a 2124 school. From time-traveling field trips to AI-powered classmates, take readers on a fantastical journey through unexpected twists, thrilling discoveries, and heartwarming moments of the future’s educational odyssey.

Essays: “Educational Evolution: From Today to 2124”

Reflect on the progression of education, comparing the present to your personal vision of 2124. Dive deep into potential advancements, shifts in educational paradigms, and the role of schools in shaping future generations.

Prizes for Each Category

First Prize

$300 cash prize

Second Prize

$150 cash prize

Third Prize

$75 cash prize

Special Highlights

Publication Opportunity: All winning entries will be compiled into a book, showcasing the students’ creative visions for future generations.

Local Newspaper Feature: Winning works will be spotlighted in local newspapers, allowing students to share their insights with the broader community.

Application Form

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