Hudson School of Music

Falling under the Elite Preparatory Academy umbrella, the renowned Hudson School of Music provides ample opportunity for young musicians to achieve a complete understanding of this medium as well as an exclusive insight into the world’s most lucrative industry.

Established in 1908.

The Music School

Music Performance

This department strives for performance excellence from the minute we meet the student. We offer a program that encompasses the playing of all musical instruments, emphasizing sound awareness, confidence, and innate talent. We encourage all musicians to participate in competitions, to build up their resume. We put the students on the stages in NYC such as Lincoln Center / Carnegie Hall in a range of ensemble programs.

Music Creation

From traditional music composition to modern song writing, the next Mozart or Taylor Swift is among us! Our world class teachers will guide you through this incredible journey. Prepare your demos by building your repertoire and understanding musical inclinations. A rich compilation of discipline, fine-tuning, performance and perseverance.

Music Production

Students learn music engineering and production at our state of art music production studios. To be an engineer, make record-breaking albums or design mind-blowing sound effects for film, TV and game, Music Production is a hands-on, fast paced course objective that supersedes any rival education. Learning from the best is our goal.

Music Business

Music publishing, Concert management & entrepreneurship courses highlight of this department, preparing students to be on the financial spectrum of the music industry. Students will learn business administration and trade tools they can apply in real time.



EPA also offers a complete online curriculum. We are pleased to be a “hybrid” school, offering both in-person and online academics. Students can receive their diploma upon completion of our online program, see how.
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