College Counselling

Admission to college can be very competitive. At Elite Preparatory Academy, we offer college counseling services to help families navigate the selective undergraduate and transfer admissions process.

Our Approach

Selecting courses that will reflect intellectual challenge
Identifying extracurricular activities that showcase passions and talent
Volunteer opportunities that demonstrate civic engagement
Summer programs that stimulate intellectual and personal growth
Perfect college application essays
Development of expert interviewing skills

Elite Prep does not offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach. A personalized high school plan is just the beginning – EPA provides students with the test prep and support they need.

Do I Need College Admissions Advice?

The truth is that most high schools simply are not equipped to provide the detailed guidance needed to increase a student’s chances for admission at top colleges and universities. On average, each public school counselor is responsible for almost 500 students, so many families believe the limited college counseling they receive is acceptable. Contact us and learn how Elite Preparatory Academy can do so much more to help your child on the path to their dream college.

Year 9-12 Planning

Freshmen year students should have a structured academic schedule which allows them to settle into their new routine. This first year in high school presents new activities and time to dive deeper into their personal interests. Our College /University counsellors acclimate freshmen to the responsibilities of this important transition. They also meet with students to discuss their four-year plan, and stress the importance of their academic progress and consistency. Students are encouraged to explore career enrichment activities throughout the summer.

Sophomore students create their individual schedules and make major plans for the future. By the end of the year, many students determine which IB Diploma courses are most suited for them. This is also the year in which students utilize the information they have learned about themselves and start to think about how to use their strengths to their advantage. At this stage, students and their parents will be introduced to Cialfo, exploring the various tools that platform has to offer. Students also write mock SAT and ACT tests to determine which system is most suitable for them. College / University Counsellors work on individual testing plans to determine ideal collegiate placement. Parents are invited to attend the parent meetings, workshops, timeline prep and monthly ‘Coffee with Counsellor’ sessions to hear feedback.

Juniors start to hit their stride academically as they progress into more rigorous IB coursework. During this period, it is time for students to start thinking seriously about their future options along with the support of College / University Counsellors. Understanding and realistic expectations are critical in choosing potential future colleges for higher education. For many students, college life often represents an independence regarding their educational choices. We navigate the information with the student, successfully identifying which school best suits them. With continuous support of the University and Careers Counselling Office, By the end of the year, each student will have a list of potential colleges and universities to consider. Throughout Year 11, College / University Counsellors hold regular workshops focused on college preparation. Workshops will cover topics such as US vs. UK Universities, the benefits of a Liberal Arts education, personal statements, supplemental essays, admissions deadlines, and many other such topics. College / University Counsellors meet with students and families individually, identifying their personal and individual goals in terms of countries of interest, major/minor course of study. Our counsellors have an ‘open door’ policy to answer questions and provide guidance, so students are welcome on a “drop-in” basis.

Seniors put their knowledge into practice with much guidance and assistance. Students, parents and counsellors create a college application plan or explore other opportunities, with the pupil at the helm.

Seniors learn to balance their academic responsibilities with the college application process, so planning and time management are important skills to master. The academic foundation students have built at EPA will prepare them for the next stage of their educational career.

Scheduled meetings with counsellors provide every opportunity for one-on-one feedback in this process. Seniors ask questions about their individual applications, obtain feedback on essays, review applications and conform to deadlines. Students are also welcome to meet with University and Careers Counsellors on a drop-in basis.

College Acceptances

We are proud to celebrate our Class of 2020, who were accepted to the following colleges and universities:

Vanderbilt University
Carnegie Mellon University
UC Berkeley
UC Irvine
Tufts University
Rhode Island School of Design
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
New York University
Syracuse University
The George Washington University
Fordham University
American University
California Institute of the Arts
Pennsylvania State University
Boston University
Northeastern University
University of California (Davis and San Diego)
The New School
Boston College
Purdue University, and many others